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Welcome to:

The Underground Yoga Society

A place where like minded people come to connect, move, breath & expand consciousness. It doesn’t matter where you are on your spiritual journey, you have a home at Underground! Together we work through our limiting beliefs, shadows & egos (false selves) to live embodied in love. We are all canals for the divine to flow through, we just have to open up the door. 

We are paradigm shifters. Are you feeling the call to shift your narrative & escape the matrix? Through yoga movement, sound healings, ceremonies, community, laughter, journaling & meditations we raise the vibration of the collective. 


Events & Workshops

Dive deeper in your journey inward. Whether a workshop or event we will get the opportunity to connect on a deeper level with ourselves, clear energy, and raise our consciousness. We are excited to connect our community together through Solstice Ceremonies, Ecstatic Dance, Astrology, Breath work, Shadow Work, Tarot & Oracle Cards, Sound, Movement, Pendulums, Crystals, Art & more.


Whatever calls to you, we have it. From power to restorative, sound healing and full moon ceremonies we have all of your physical, mental, and emotional needs covered.

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Take your spiritual journey to the next level. We offer single day retreats as well as global multi day explorations. Retreats are a great opportunity to immerse yourself into energy release and healing.  They are meant to open your awareness up to the innate gifts you have within and  show you your truth: that you are a divine embodiment of love. Each and everyone of us is an expression of the divine - join us as we help you embrace that.


Learn more about our Quantum Healing Program here.

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