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Quantum Healing Programs

35 Days to Self Love & Discovery 

Welcome to the portal of Quantum Self Healing & Discovery

Who are you underneath all the things people told you you are? Strip the narrative. You are you own best healer. Join us in this sacred quantum healing container where we deepen the connection with ourselves and break through conditioned patterns and belief systems that no longer serve us. Stripping the narrative is all about cultivating awareness on which of your belief systems actually belong to you. It's about peeling away the layers to come back to who you truly are vs. who you are told to be. 

Join us for this 35 Day Self Love & Discovery transformational healing experience as we help you to become your own best healer. Through yoga, journaling, breathwork, nutrition,  meditations and group support you will uncover your shadows, blocks, limiting beliefs and heal deep wounds/traumas to start to truly love and accept yourself and live this life unapologetically as the most authentic version of you.

What's included: opening and closing in person ceremonies, weekly in person meetings including yoga, breathwork, meditation and discussions, 35 days of journaling on past experiences, nutrition ascension class, weekly guided meditations and educational videos & journal. 


This program is for you if:

*You feel stuck in career, relationships, money, health or any other area of your life

*You are ready to do the work

*You are ready to face your shadows and get to the root cause of where your current day issues are coming from

*You are suffering from chronic medical conditions such as autoimmune disease, GI issues, eczema or psoriasis, chronic pain, stress, anxiety, depression or inability to lose and/or gain weight.

*You are looking to connect with like minded people


The goal of this 35 day quantum healing journey is to expand consciousness and rewire limiting beliefs to improve your response to mental, physical and emotional stress and embody self love. To uncover the beautiful soul you are and become a badass human.


We will:

Process trauma & emotions stuck in the body

Discuss nutrition and its direct link to keep us limiting beliefs

Create new mental patterns & habits

Learn how to embody more love in your life

Release energies that prevent us from aligning with our highest self

Strip the narrative and discovery what lies beneath all the masks that we put on

Create community & connection with people who want heal and raise their vibration

Develop a breathwork, yoga, meditation, & journaling practice you can do on your own

Learn about how the body work energetically

35 Days to Self Love & Discovery : Strip the Narrative
35 Days to Self Love & Discovery : Strip the Narrative
Multiple Dates
Jun 01, 2022, 5:00 PM
The Underground Yoga Society
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