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Hi, friends! We’re Lauren and Lauren, also known as Yogi Laurens, and we are ever-evolving. Will you join us on our journey? We want to help you take your health, mindset, happiness and your whole being to the NEXT LEVEL! And we’re doing it with love, compassion, and of course, fun. We will help you create a life you absolutely freakin’ LOVE by making you feel strong, confident, and totally zen. When you eat, move, breathe, and practice self-care the right way, you are living life to the fullest, and what that looks like changes all the time. We will evolve your body and mind through movement, meditation, and nutrition. Cancel out the information overload and join Yogi Laurens for a simple way to look inward and raise your frequency. Join us, and let’s keep evolving together.

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It was absolutely amazing , I’ve never felt so loved and comfortable truly an unforgettable experience. I would 100% attend another retreat with you all!

—  Kerrin M

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