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Sick of the same old shit? Do something different.  We’re Lauren and Lauren and are here to help you Live Consciously.


What does that mean? It means living with intention. Becoming your own best healer. Realizing that it is not about what you do - it is about how you show up to what you do. Living in gratitude & sending that energy into the world, knowing it will come back ten fold. Loosening your grip on control, and letting the Universe flow through. Moving from a constant state of Fight or Flight to Abundant & Blissed. Balancing being vs doing, the Divine Masculine & Feminine energy within us all. Making choices that optimize your health. Realizing we are more energy than matter. Being open to look at yourself and understand why you are the way you are. Committing to rewire the subconscious mind & limiting beliefs & habits.  To consciously make big changes, which makes a bigger impact.

We are on a heart driven mission to be of service to a community that is over worked, over stressed, and over tired. To teach through embodiment that a different way of life is possible, where we live consciously.

We teach you the tools to break your fear based mindset which will  empower you to embody fun, self love, abundance, connection & consciously awaken.  It's time to step out of your habitual patterns,  break the matrix,  and raise your vibration.  

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It was absolutely amazing , I’ve never felt so loved and comfortable truly an unforgettable experience. I would 100% attend another retreat with you all!

—  Kerrin M

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