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Root Chakra Healing & Activation

Root Chakra Healing & Activation


This is a powerful meditation that will clear & actiavte your Root Chakra and and bring healing on the DNA level. The root chakra is where we hold anger, frustration, feelings of unworthiness, that "I don't matter" & "I am not enough" . A blocke droot chkara can make you feel unstable, unsafe, and that you are alone. Common beliefs of a blocked root chakra are:

I am not enough

I don't matter

I am not worthy of being seen

I am not worthy of love

I am not supported

I am not grounded

I am not stable

It is not safe to feel

It is not safe to express myself

I am unlovable


In this meditaiton we will clear energetic blockages, impalnts, & traumas stored in the body & Root. This willl be coupled with a deep healing activation of your Root Chakra that will create space for the energy to easily flow through, your reality to shift, & to rewire your limiting beleifs.  Your DNA will be upleveled as your Root Chakra stabalizes and becomes clear allowing for more abundance, passion, & joy to enter into your life. 



It is recommeneded that you spend 5-10 minutes jounraling before this meditation about where any of the limiting beliefs from above have arisen in your life or about situations that have caused or been causing your anger, frustration, or annoyance. Use these questions as a guide:


Journal Questions:

What happened to make you feel this way?

Who is there?

Where do you feel this emotion physcially in your body?

What emotions does it bring up?

What beleif has this situation formed or where does it come from?

Whens the first time you have ever felt this way?


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